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The Opportunity of Nashville

There’s nothing like going to your company’s yearly conference to wake you up to things that had slid off your plate ( so to speak)! Blogging has been on both my paper and mental list for what seems months now and it took gathering with 5,000 people and hearing the speakers to get me back on the right track…I guess i’m hard headed:)

Nashville was amazing!! Green is the first word that comes to mind as I live in the desert. Friendly would be the next! The people of Nashville certainly are easy to talk to and laid back…I like that!! We spent time downtown and the last word i’ll share is musical!! Music is everywhere you go almost like a theme song running through the town. As you can tell, I enjoyed my time there quite a bit and would return in a minute:)

Our conference was filled with lots of great information as well as inspiring stories of how our company has made an impact on lives for 57 years now…and how we are going forward to change the lives of millions more.

Looking forward to sharing more in the days to come, so stay tuned!!!


Hello world!!!

A new years resolution achieved…well begun anyway!!! A blog has been on my list for some time, started several times and well…no success until NOW!! This blog is my way of keeping up with people via the internet as life is so very busy, face time is not always an available option. Family, fun, faith, work, school, Shaklee, and business are some of the likely subjects you’ll find here. Growing and living in 2013 is on the menu…join me:)

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